Extension Deadline Reminder: How to Get Your Return Filed before October 17th

Peacock & French CPAs
Oct 01, 2022

If you requested an extension on your tax return in April, your taxes are now do in about two weeks, on October 17th. If you still haven’t prepared your tax return, here are a few tips to help you get it filed before the deadline passes.

If you requested an extension on your tax return in April, this gave you an additional six months to prepare and file your tax return. While that might have seemed like plenty of time when you requested it, many people still find themselves scrambling to meet their new deadline. In fact, you might be surprised to realize that your taxes are now do in about two weeks, on October 17th. If you still haven’t prepared your tax return, here are a few tips to help you get it filed before the new deadline passes.

Figure Out What Documents Are Still Missing

Usually, the biggest slowdown when it comes to filing taxes is getting all of your documents in order. Putting together are relevant financial paperwork for an entire year can seem like a daunting task, and it certainly can take some time. However, it’s not something that you can avoid. You will need the proper documentation to fill out your tax return, as well as support your reported income and expenses if you’re ever audited by the IRS.

Unfortunately, there’s not a set list of documents that you need to put together. The exact paperwork you’ll need will vary widely depending on your income sources, expenses, deductions, and certain life circumstances. However, here is a list of basic documentation that most taxpayers need:

  • W-2s for all income earners in the household
  • Various 1099s (1099-MISC for self-employed income, 1099-G for unemployment, 1099-DIV for dividends earned on accounts, etc.)
  • K-1s for business partnerships
  • 1040-ES (if you made estimated tax payments for a business during the year)
  • Income and expense documents for rentals
  • Receipts for deductible expenses (e.g., charitable contributions or business expenses)
  • State tax return

If you find that you’re missing any official tax documents, such as your W-2 or 1099s, you should reach out to your employer or whatever entity was supposed to supply you with these forms. If they cannot provide you with a new copy before your taxes are due, you can still complete and file your return. You’ll just need to use other documentation (e.g., paystubs or bank deposits) to fill out the necessary sections on your taxes. For example, if you lost your W-2 and can’t get a new one, you can use your paychecks to complete Form 4852, and submit this in place of your missing W-2.

If, after you’ve completed your taxes using your other documentation, you discover that the numbers you entered were incorrect, you can later amend your return.

Double Check Your Personal Information

In your rush to file your tax return, it’s incredibly important that you are still thorough and double check all of your entries on your tax forms. If you’re working with a CPA (which we’ll discuss in a moment), make sure that you verify all personal information that you provide to them. This can include:

  • SSN and birthdate for yourself and all dependents
  • The correct number of dependents (ensure older children have not claimed themselves on the same year you’re claiming them as a dependent)
  • Your current address (especially if you’ve had a recent move)
  • Routing and account numbers for direct deposit of your tax return

Many tax returns get rejected because of simple mistakes with personal information, so make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

File Your Return Electronically

While filing your return via mail is a legitimate option, and your return only has to be postmarked by the deadline (not received by the IRS), more than one return has been late due to confusion regarding post office hours, last pickup times, and simple delays or slowdowns at the post office. It’s best to avoid these possibilities altogether and simply file your return online. This is faster, easier, and provides you with confirmation that your tax return has been submitted, so you have the peace of mind that it won’t be marked late, simply because your mailman came earlier than normal on the day you needed to mail out your return.

Get Help from an Experienced CPA

When you’re in a rush to get your taxes done, one of the best things you can do is work with a CPA. We have the experience and knowledge to complete tax returns quickly and accurately. We can review your finances, determine what deductions you qualify for, and let you know what additional documentation we need to file. Then, we’ll file your return electronically and provide you with confirmation of its delivery. If you’re still rushing to file your return before October 17th, contact Peacock & French CPAs today to schedule a consultation with an accountant.